Different by Design Hair Salon is dedicated to providing exceptional service and technical expertise, to give you a unique look that is your own. Our professionalism and utmost courtesy will fulfill this mission with passion, to create a hair design created specifically for you, thus enhancing your beauty to be a style that is Different by Design.

We are a passionate team dedicated to hair and beauty because we love how we can create or enhance a new look on a woman, thus allowing them to feel and look good.  Our goal every day when we come to work to style hair is to make every client feel special, unique, and beautiful from inside and out.  A woman’s hair is her glory and we feel proud and privileged every day to allow our skills and expertise, to change or create a different design on any woman.

When you come to Different by Design Hair Salon, we want this time to be YOUR time to get away from your everyday stressors.  A place for you to unwind, and relax.  The ambiance of our salon creates a place where you can enjoy soothing relaxing music, enjoy light refreshments/beverages while being serviced, and catch up on the latest news in beauty, fashion and entertainment magazines.  Relaxation is a top priority at Different by Design.

We hope to service you and your hair soon!

LaMonica D. Cuthbertson 

Salon Owner

The owner of Different by Design Hair Salon is none other than LaMonica Cuthbertson, who is Different by God’s Design.  The title Different by Design was created from God through LaMonica. Every person is uniquely created from God’s special design; therefore each individual serviced by Different by Design will see their enhanced special creation from God through their hair and makeup!

LaMonica Cuthbertson, a Charlotte native specializes in making others feel special. From her warm and charming personality, to her professionalism, and most of all her unique skills in keeping your hair healthy and in style, LaMonica is a triple threat in the beauty industry! She has a profound passion for people and hair, which makes her one of Charlotte’s best stylist! LaMonica is a graduate from a world renowned cosmetology university, Dudley Beauty School System of Charlotte, NC, where she is licensed in North Carolina.  Not only has her trade been trained from the best, her exceptional business acumen and professionalism comes from North Carolina’s number 1 top comprehensive university. She obtained her Bachelors in Economics and Business Administration, at Winston-Salem State University.  After her matriculation at Winston-Salem State, LaMonica pursued what was expected, a corporate career with Cargill, Inc. as a Business Manager in Minneapolis, MN  and Coralville, IA.  God placed LaMonica in that position, to position her for her calling; owning and managing her own company Different by Design, LLC.

A 7 year veteran in the industry, LaMonica thoroughly understands people, business, and most of all hair! If you want a short and sassy look, or long beautiful tresses, LaMonica can achieve all your hair care needs.  Make an appointment today, with LaMonica, a professional, knowledgeable, and caring stylist ready to service your Different by Design needs!